You can search for one Vin or multiple Vin numbers at a time.

The Vins can be separated in search by a tab, newline, ";", "," or just a space

Service Code Translations

AB- Abstract LN- Lien
AR- Accident Report MC- Mileage Correction
CC- Certified Copy PS- Plate Surrender
DT- Duplicate Title RE- Registration
GL- Garageman's Lien RT- Rush Title
IN- Intransit Permit ST- Sales Tax
JS- Request for MV-907A TA- Title Assistance
JT- Salvage Title TO- Title Only
VS- Vehicle Safety

Finish Date- Date that Maggard is finished with the paperwork

Date Updated- Date and time that Maggard last updated the status of your application on this site. Occurs nightly.

Status Translations

  • Review- Your application is being reviewed by our staff
  • Holding- Your application is missing items. You should have received an email with your missing items, but Email with the last 6 digits of your Vin to have email re-sent
  • DO- Your application is at the District Office for tax clearance or special plate issuance
  • TB- Your application is at the Title Bureau
  • Returned- Your applicapplication has been returned to you
  • p/partnering- Your application is being processed through our DMV partnering portal
  • CNP- Could not partner. Your application needs additional items. Email with the last 6 digits of your Vin to get more information
  • NS- Needs shipping document. Waiting to deliver finished application
  • Duplicate- Duplicate record for additional record entry